Survivor Tara Hart


March 23, 2015 I felt a lump during my breast self-exam. I called my doctor the next day. At the mammogram the technician said they were going to do an ultrasound. A Radiologist told me they’d schedule a biopsy and not to come back alone.

My favorite doctor called me on April 13th, 2015. I was at the top of the stairs when he said, “I have bad news, Tara. You have cancer. Don’t worry; I have the best doctors and surgeons for you.” I had to sit down. I was in shock. I ate healthy, I worked out, I drank water, didn’t smoke, rarely drank alcohol. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and it isn’t fair.

Cancer changes everything.

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 2A. I chose a double mastectomy/immediate reconstruction.

Cancer was in my breast, lymph nodes and mammary gland.

168 days of chemotherapy began that July. Radiation began in January 2016, 30 treatments, Monday – Friday for 6 weeks.

Cancer taught me many things:

How to recognize the blessings in disguise

How to care more and love even deeper

Cancer taught me what was important and what to let go of more easily

How to live more purposefully and with intention

To truly be here in the present

#TEAMTARA helped me FIGHT. Every single day folks would call, text or reach out through social media.
They were praying for me, thinking about me, carrying the load. I have always been an advocate for breast cancer, raised nearly $20,000 with Susan G. Komen walking 60 miles every November. I reach out to Survivors and care givers often to pay the love forward. In my darkest hours, there was always someone there for me shining a light, offering HOPE. Never ever quit. No one fights alone. God is bigger than cancer. I am forever grateful to my husband, daughter, son, family and friends for seeing me through my battle. No one talks about the aftermath of cancer. I pray every Survivor has a support system for that as well. Survivorship is hard.


Survivor since 4/13/15

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