Survivor Story: Debbie Stevenson

10349893_650664721650072_3875392760056796074_nBefore 2010 I could spell the word Cancer, now I live with it every day as a survivor. In January 2010, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Right after I was diagnosed, my husband asked me to go to the mall with him. My reply was that I didn’t want to go shopping; I may die from this and I just wanted him to leave me alone. However, he would not take no for an answer and ended up dragging me into the car and driving me to Ridgmar mall, where he took me to the Susan G. Komen Greater Fort Worth office. When we walked into the office, I started crying and told them that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was so afraid. Jennifer, the Assistant Director at the time, was a survivor and knew exactly how I felt. With her help and the support of the other Komen staff members, I learned that I was not alone in my fight. As an only child, I soon learned that I now had a large group of “survivor sisters” who were all united in the fight. Because helping others has helped me to better cope with my own battle, I have been volunteering for Komen for the past 5 years. I do not know what my life after cancer would have been like if I had not found the support of the Susan G. Komen organization.

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