Survivor Ida Duwe-Olsen

Ida was diagnosed with advanced Stage 3 Breast Cancer at the age of 36 years old; and has been cancer-free since April 2007.  
Breast cancer did not run on her family and she did not test positive for the recessive gene.  She discovered the mass while on vacation; returned to the US and immediately went to her gynecologist who dismissed her concerns since breast cancer did not run on her family. Three weeks later, she returned to her physician for a second opinion to learn she had Stage 3 Breast Cancer and her journey began…
Due to her age and advanced stage, her oncologist elected to treat the cancer as Stage 4; which included a double mastectomy, as well as chemotherapy and radiation treatment to decrease the percentage of probability for return.  
Ida believes our circumstances do not define us; it’s how we face them and what we do to make a difference.  
Ida is convinced her success is due to her faith in God, her positive approach and the overwhelming love she was surrounded with daily.
She is humbled by the diligence of people praying for her full recovery and the support received from family, friends and her Williams Trew family.
“Everyone has something.. this was just my thing.   Never feel sorry for yourself.. apply the lessons and always keep moving forward.   I am grateful for the journey and truly feel I am a better person today because of this experience “ 
Through the journey, she feels God’s grace shined and she was surrounded with the very best oncologist, surgeons, radiologist and gifted nurse practitioner.
There were countless lessons revealed on faith, trust, the power of unconditional love, slowing down to hear the message, being present and value of family & friends.  
Other invaluable lessons are to listen to your body, get a second opinion and regardless of age, get a mammogram if something doesn’t seem normal.
Cancer is inconvenient and nothing she would ever want others to endure. However, she is grateful for her journey and believes she is a stronger, wiser person because of it.
Ida is married to an incredible man, Ted Olsen and has two resilient children, Gibson Duwe, a senior at TCU and Sophie Duwe, a senior at Paschal High School.  
It has been almost 11 years and Ida is healthy and cancer-free. 
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