Kenneth Page

Kenneth P. Page, COO of Purpose Driven Youth Empowerment and the head mentor of the young men mentoring group, Men of Vision has served in various roles within the educational field. He has eight years of experience working in the Texas public school system as a substitute teacher, junior high social studies teacher, truancy officer, and an administrative liaison.  Kenneth earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in Social Studies from Grand Canyon University and with honors of Magna Cum Laude. He is also a graduate of Kaplan University with Major Course of Study in Real Estate.

Mr. Page is an Army Veteran who has taken pride in not only serving for his country, but he has a huge passion and heart for redirecting the behaviors of young men between the ages of 13-19 who have veered from their intended life path. He has an opportunity to serve as that community head mentor through the non-profit mentoring group, Men of Vision.

In 2015, Mr. Page became the CEO of PDL Educational Consulting & Technology. He oversees a team of educators from all walks of life with proven experience and a passion for empowering other educators, students, parents, and community leaders to join together to achieve remarkable and rewarding results. He and his team believe in a philosophy that challenged the status quo and creates innovative and out of the box programs that will correlate with the educational trends facing today’s society.

He is committed to always being a servant leader and looks forward to helping the future generation become productive citizens throughout the nation.

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