Aubra Palmer

Aubra is one of those very rare male breast cancer survivors. Instead of believing he lost the lottery, he has worked to increase the awareness of breast cancer in women, and yes, in men too.

Aubra’s mother, Lorraine, died of breast cancer in 1977. When he was diagnosed in 1999, he was able to take advantage of the many fine efforts and research of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Mortality rates had dropped dramatically since the loss of his mother twenty-two years earlier.

He, his daughter Michelle, and granddaughter Lynsey have participated in seven Komen race/walk events. In 2013 they founded a team and named it MBM2 (Man Boobs Matter Too). That team has been in the top ten fundraisers each of its years in existence. Aubra and his family take pride in knowing that the money they raise is used to improve the life of so many.

Aubra says that he raises money and supports Komen “so that one day our children and grandchildren will not have to fear this disease.”

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