New president and CEO for Susan G. Komen

There is exciting news to share today as our Board of Directors announces the selection of a new president and CEO for Susan G. Komen!

Paula Schneider – an accomplished businesswoman and breast cancer survivor – will join Komen Nov. 6.  Komen Board Chair Connie O’Neill introduced Paula at a webinar for Affiliates and Staff at 3:30 p.m. Central time today. Those who missed it can see the webinar here.

Paula brings more than three decades of executive leadership experience in retail and manufacturing, and is well-regarded as an expert in organization management and finance.  Her first day at Komen will be Nov. 6, and she will move from Los Angeles to Dallas to assume her new role.

This is great news as we prepare for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) in October, and it is an exciting time for Susan G. Komen. This week, we unveiled our organization’s $31 million investment in research for 2017, focused primarily on aggressive and metastatic breast cancer.  Last week, we celebrated 35 years of impact at a special luncheon for donors in Dallas, featuring some of the trailblazers who helped launch the organization more than three decades ago. And in October, as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins, we will launch an innovative new crowd-funding initiative to help raise additional funds for our mission.