Community Grants

Community Grants

Komen Greater Fort Worth is the local source for funding breast cancer detection, support and educational awareness in Tarrant, Parker, Johnson and Hood counties.  Through its 2017-2018 community grants, Komen Greater Fort Worth is investing $300,000 in education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and support programs here in Greater Fort Worth provided by 4 local organizations that serve uninsured or underinsured residents in our service area. Since it was founded in 1992, Komen Greater Fort Worth has invested more than $23 million in local breast health agencies and organizations.

2017-2018 Komen Greater Fort Worth Community Grant Recipients

American Cancer Society
Many breast cancer patients struggle to comply with treatment regimens.  Fortunately, the American Cancer Society’s Patient Navigation Program is dedicated to improving the quality of life and health of some of the most vulnerable cancer patients by providing guidance and resources so patients have the best chances of beating cancer. Through Komen funding they will support approximately 130 breast cancer patients with patient navigation efforts including transportation.  Participants will be uninsured or underinsured; reside in Tarrant, Johnson, Hood, or Parker County; and have a breast cancer diagnosis from their physician(s).  The project increases access to care, decreases financial expenses, and greatly improves quality of life for breast cancer patients undergoing treatment as well as their caregivers.

Services Provided:  Patient Navigation

Counties Served:  Tarrant, Parker, Johnson,  Hood

Cancer Care Services
The Hope Chest Program services low-income breast cancer patients living in Tarrant, Hood, and Parker counties, with all clients receiving financial assistance living at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines, per their net income and household size.  Financial support available for breast cancer patients through Hope Chest includes assistance with health insurance premiums, prescription medications, medical equipment and transportation (gas cards for Parker and Hood counties).  Komen funding allows Cancer Care Services to sustain current programs, as well as further develop emotional, psychosocial and holistic support programs for breast cancer patients, survivors and co-survivors. These services facilitate the completion of cancer treatment, and minimize behaviors that are detrimental to quality of life.  Cancer Care Services hopes to provide financial and emotional support services to at least 400 breast cancer patients in 2017.

Services Provided:  Health Insurance Premiums,  Prescription Medications, Medical Equipment, Transportation,  Other Services

Counties Served: Tarrant, Parker, Hood

Moncrief Cancer Institute
Moncrief Cancer Institute (MCI) provides breast screening and patient navigation for the underserved women of Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, and Hood counties through its established Breast Screening and Patient Navigation (BSPAN) program.  MCI continues to report an annual increase in the utilization of the screening and diagnostic services offered through this program, as well as measurable improvement for breast health awareness.  The program validates the importance of partnering with local facilities to increase the accessibility of services and understanding the inherent needs of the target population. Funding assistance from Komen Greater Fort Worth enables MCI to offer low to no-cost screening mammograms, diagnostic services, patient navigation, and now surgical treatments to underserved women across the service area.

Services Provided: Screening Mammograms, Diagnostic Services, Patient Navigation, Surgical Treatments

Counties Served: Tarrant, Parker,  Johnson, Hood

Texas Health Resources
The Texas Health Fort Worth Wellness for Life Mobile Health Program will provide 410 mammogram screenings to underinsured and uninsured and culturally isolated women in Tarrant, Parker, Johnson & Hood counties through its Indigent Mammography Program. Their goal is to remove the most common barriers women face in seeking annual mammogram: cost, lack of opportunity, lack of knowledge, fear, language issues, and lack of transportation. The program includes mammograms, diagnostic evaluation by nurse practitioners, language interpreters, nurse navigation support for diagnostic follow-up, and collaboration with community stakeholders.

Services Provided: Screening Mammograms, Diagnostic Services, Patient Navigation, Language Interpreters

Counties Served: Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, Hood

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